2 jugglers are arriving late to their show.
They start to assemble their scenography... organizing their elements, dressing and doing their makeup on stage, while they interact with children and adults.

Their conflicts, successes and frustrations are uncovered while they do surprising juggling routines that will make everybody laugh and participate.

Diabolos, balls, clubs, acrylic balls and fire torchs become the protagonists of this great shared adventure.

Technical Information

Juggling show for all audiences.
Duration: 40 minutes.

Stage dimentions:
- Open (ideal): 6 meters width and 5 meters depth.
- Close: 6 meters width, 5 meters depth and 5 meters height.

Sound: plug/miniplug entrance on stage (no microphone is use).

In close places the fire routine is replaced by a light clubs routine.
Zig Zag has own portable sound (10 watts, approximately 200 people).


Promo Video




- Les Queulots Folies - Saint Vallier, France
- Grömenade Strassenkünstlerfest "Künstler am Meer" - Grömitz, Germany
- Gauklerfestival Feldkirch - Feldkirch, Austria
- Scharbeutzer Strassenkünstlerfest "Künstler & Meer" - Scharbeutz, Germany
- Les Jeudis de Perpignan - Perpignan, France
- Potes de MarmoT's - Guillestre, France
- Festival d'Aurillac(compagnies de passage) - Aurillac, France
- Fira Tárrega(off) - Tarrega, Spain


- Ibaiuda - Berantevilla, Spain
- Berlin Latch! - Berlin, Germany
- 3 Culturas - Malaga, Spain
- Fira Tárrega(off) - Tarrega, Spain
- WonderPuck - Cluj-Napoca, Rumania
- IICMF - Incheon, South Korea


- Svicolando - Montecassiano, Italy
- International Street Theater Festival - Arkhangelsk, Russia
- Uldum Street Music Festival - Uldum, Denmark
- Ibaiuda - Berantevilla, Spain
- SMIAF - San Marino
- Ferrara Buskers Festival - Ferrara, Italy
- Puppets Occupy Streets - Craiova, Rumania


- Music International Day - Valencia, Spain
- Uldum Street Music Festival - Uldum, Denmark
- Les Virevoltes - Vire, France
- Festival 48ème de rue à Mende - Mende, France
- Carnaval Sztukmistrzow - Lublin, Poland
- Magico Crocevia - Tirano, Italy
- Circ-Xábia - Xábia, Spain
- Rototom - Benicassim, Spain
- Passodarte - Crato, Portugal
- Swiss Juggling Convention - Uster, Switzerland

About us


Pablo Brun

Professional juggler dedicated to teaching, production and performances.

Since 1996 he is in continuous training and growth around several schools and culture centres of Buenos Aires.

He also complements his juggling with dance, mime and music techniques, never loosing the idea of play and creativity.


Mariana Dince

Juggler and child entertainer since 2007 in private, social and governmental events.

She has shown her work at numerous places around Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand.

She participates in meetings and conventions, and keeps taking courses and workshops actively.


Buenos Aires - Argentina