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When you work in themolding industry, you know that your production line is only as efficient as your part release. If your parts are sticking, coming out imperfectly, cracking, or showing other defects that lead to scrap, you owe it yourself to find a mold release coating that works.

Turn to the experts at Stoner Molding Solutions for all your mold maintenance needs! With molding application products designed to work effectively on their own, or exceptionally combined as part of your mold care routine, you’ll see productivity improve and scrap parts decrease.

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Release More Products in Less Time

Unlike many mold release brands, Stoner Molding Solutions formulates, manufactures, and distributes our own products. We specialize in lean manufacturing, which translates into short runs of high-value, customer-specific products.As a manufacturer, Stonerprovides strong batch consistency, reliable product quality, and world-class technical support and customer service to molders worldwide.


Mold Releases

We offer a full suite of mold release agents designed to optimize your production process and significantly improve your bottom line. We can even work with your team to find a customized solution that meets your production goals.

Whether you need a semi-permanent, sacrificial, one with a low coefficient of friction, or a silicone-based mold release, Stoner Molding Solutions has the right mold release coating for you!

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Mold Sealers

Mold sealers are an important first step in many molding processes. Apply to any non-porous tooling surface (metal, composite, glass, etc.) as an effective base coat for semi-permanent or sacrificial wax release agents.

The mold sealer will create a protective barrier that bonds to the mold surface, fills in the microporosity, and makes the ideal surface for release coatings to bond.



Mold Cleaners

清洁模具翻译和更高质量的部分fewer release problems! We designed our mold cleaners to work in conjunction with our mold releases and sealers to remove build-up that can result in discoloration and poor mold performance.

With a wide range of mold cleaners, you can pick which one will work best for your industry—whether you mold rubber, composite, polyurethane, or plastic parts.



Rust Prevention

Whether you’re shipping molds overseas, storing molds between production runs, or preparing molds for long-term storage, Stoner Molding Solutions offers rust prevention solutions to protect your critical assets.

Our non-silicone rust prevention products are ideal for improving corrosion resistance, protecting against moisture, and penetrating and loosening frozen parts due to rust.

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防止过度磨损和过早失效our heavy-duty, food-grade silicone lubricants and other penetrating lubricants that work well for various molds and machinery. These products save both time and money during your production cycles.

For example, on an injection mold, sometimes the ejector pins need a little assistance pushing the finished product off the mold. Our lubricants can help you release those products with ease!

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A bottle of Stoner’s Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Health and safety have never been more important than now. To help keep your employees healthy and productive, we designed our hand sanitizer to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Available in a convenient spray bottle, all users have to do is spray it on their hands and rub them together until dry. This alcohol antiseptic 70% topical solution is manufactured and bottled in the USA at an FDA-registered facility.

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Want to Try Before You Buy?

We are so confident that our products will help you release more parts in less time that we offer free samples of our mold release coatings and supporting line of products. Simply request a free sample, see how it improves your cycle times, and then order full-size products to continue reaping its benefits!


Why Work with Stoner Molding Solutions?

The moment when parts are released shouldn’t be frustrating during your production cycles. When you use Stoner’s mold coatings and non-silicone sprays to effectively use and maintain your tooling, you can improve your productivity like never before.

Stoner Molding Solutions is a leading supplier of industrial mold release agents in thethermoplastics,polyurethane,composites, andrubberindustries. Based in Quarryville, PA, Stoner Molding Solutions has been helping manufacturers mold more parts in less time since 1942. Our experience and proficiency in mold release coatings, combined with our focus on quality and safety, make us the ideal manufacturer of all your mold release agents, sealers, cleaners, and non-silicone rust prevention products.

For Mold Release Coatings and Supporting Products, Choose Stoner Molding!

If decreasing scrap parts and increasing productivity only sounds like a dream you wish your facility could achieve, then you’re not using the right mold release coatings. Switch to the products engineered by the professionals at Stoner Molding Solutions! With our various product lines designed specifically for the thermoplastic, polyurethane, composites, and rubber industries, you’re sure to find the right products that help you reach your goals and more!

Need help picking which products are best for your production line? Ourb0b体育app苹果of industry-leading experts, chemists, and engineers are here to help! Pleaseget in touch with usand tell us about your unique situation. We’ll recommend the products you need, and if we don’t already make them, we can specially formulate some just for you!

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