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Prevent Demolding Defects with a High-Quality Mold Sealer

开始一个新的绿色合成工具first time should be a satisfying experience. But when parts stick even with a high-qualitymold release agent, it can leave you feeling exasperated. You applied the release correctly, and the mold is new. Parts shouldn’t be coming out with defects.

Leave your frustrations behind when you first apply a mold sealer! Properly sealing your mold surface before applying a mold release agent creates a protective barrier that bonds to the surface and fills in the microporosity. This barrier provides an ideal surface for mold release bonding. Get in touch with our experts today to learn how our mold sealants can improve your production process!

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KantStik Sealer 1.0

Mold Sealers Make Your Industrial Molding More Efficient

While you may be using a mold release agent to prevent demolding issues, such as sticking and part appearance, you could be missing an important step if you’re not using a mold sealer first. The reason? Molds expand and contract during the thermal changes of each production cycle, causing extremely small cracks to form. Eventually, the resin begins to penetrate these cracks, resulting in part and mold damage.

But when you useKantStik Sealer 1.0before your release agent, it fills in that microporosity to create a smooth, even surface for your mold release and resin. The results are molded parts that release more easily and without defects. This outcome makes your molding operations more efficient and decreases scrap parts.


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The Benefits of Using a Mold Sealer Before Your Release Agent

Mold sealers provide a protective,电影在你很难治愈olsthat serve as a base for mold release. When you use this product as part of your routine molding operations, you’ll experience many benefits that equate to higher productivity rates and less waste.

The mold for a windmill blade.

Improves the Molding Process

KantStik Sealer 1.0 is a polymeric coating for new or reconditioned tooling. It seals non-porous surfaces with a durable and resilient coating. You can use this sealer as a base coat for any sacrificial or semi-permanent mold release agent to impart a new, strong, and chemically resistant carrier. This barrier allows you to use less mold release and still see complete molded parts that release easily.

Three red plastic composite bar stools.

Reduces the Number of Defects

When molds have microscopic pores that aren’t filled in with a mold sealer, the mold release and resin that you use fill those pores. When you demold your products, those pores appear as defects rather than the smooth, clean surface you want. But when you use a mold sealant first, it fills in those pores to create a smooth surface to which the mold release and resin can bond. The result is fewer defects and less scrap.

A boat hull easily releases from a mold.

Releases Parts Easily

When combined with a high-quality mold release,B0B体育app下载, andrust preventative, mold sealers help create a surface that allows resins to fill in the most detailed areas of the mold and not the extremely small cracks. When it’s time to release the product, it comes out easily with no significant build-up on the finished part. In addition, you won’t have to reapply the mold release as frequently when using a sealer.

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Choose the Best Mold Sealant on the Market for Your Operations

When you want to realize these benefits for your production team, choose the best mold sealants on the market from Stoner Molding Solutions! We offer a full line of mold sealers designed for thethermoplastics,polyurethane,composites, andrubberindustries.

Every Stoner formulation is designed to optimize your production process and significantly improve your bottom line. Stoner’s Ph.D. chemists andb0b体育app苹果are here to support your manufacturing efforts by consulting with you about your specific processes to find solutions customized to your needs.

We designed our mold sealers to:

  • Improve product release with specific formulations
  • Increase the life of your mold
  • Prevent hazing by forming an effective barrier between your tool surface and molding materials
  • Work with your mold release agent as an effective primer


Multiple Sizes Available!

Stoner's mold sealers are available in many sizes and application types. Request a free sample today before ordering a full-size container!


A red boat for the U.S. Coast Guard in the water.

Case Study: Composite Vessels for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard

There is no room for error when you’re molding products for the United States military. When amajor marine manufacturerhad issues with defects and streaking when molding special composite vessels for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, they turned to KantStik Sealer 1.0 from Stoner Solutions.

A can of Stoner’s FRP-SC release

As a base coat for the release agentFRP-SC—a premium semi-permanent mold release—they could create precise molded parts in less time. They used two coats of KantStik Sealer, applied 15 minutes apart, by wiping it on the mold surface and leaving it on the surface to bond, which had a final cure time of 30 minutes. Then, they apply a coat of the FRP-SC mold release by wiping and leaving it on for a cure time of 30 minutes.

After four coats of the release agent, they apply a final coat and wipe it off while it’s still wet. These efforts allow the manufacturer to achieve 20% more releases in the same amount of time with no streaking and no buffing necessary! Since the active ingredients bond to the surfaces instead of the towel, the release adheres to the tool and creates a finished product without sticking.

Experience the Difference a High-Quality Mold Sealer Can Make for You!

If you’re ready to have better quality releases that increase the productivity of your molding process, then it’s time you try a mold sealer thatactually works. KantStik Sealer 1.0 is the solution that top molding professionals use to decrease the sticking of their molded products.

The product applies easily and fills in the microporosity naturally occurring when molds are heated and cooled. Get in touch with one of our experts today to learn more about how our mold sealant can benefit you!

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